Sunday, April 11, 2010

!!! URGENT !!!!

People on stardoll are gettinhg hacked like crazy! But people are wondering how! so let us explain...
There is this employee code that stardoll staff use to log in and edit things. But some very, VERY smart people figured it out... This was obviously planned before, because they are aiming at certain people that are really popular... But we can tell you how to get prevented from getting hacked..
1. close your guestbook and starblog
2. do not accept any more friend requests unless you know that person
3. hide your rares
4. lock ALL your rooms..
5. Make your main room look very simple.
If you follow these rules you will be alright...

Thanks, we hope this situation gets better and stardoll finds out about whats going on...
Thats it for now, quennofbee97