Wednesday, March 31, 2010


hey stardoll lovers, right now it is 9:58 p.m for me right now. I noticed that when i was looking through my friends list, i noticed a really wierd at that shouldnt be on a childrens site. Maybe there are 16 + on Stardoll but dont forget that there are also 6 year olds around.... what do you think? the picture is right here.

Suprise Spring!

Wel wouldn't you know it!
Looks like another stardoll spender thing.
This is how we look at it, people just bought LE and all out of money now stardoll wants us to spend more, so they want us to BUY the stardollars.
Tell us what you think about all of this...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ANOTHER secret LE letter???

Hey stardoll lovers. it is right now 9:13 P.M for me right now and when i logged in a couple minutes ago, there was a sign that read "People who just bought LE" as you may all know, LE sold out completley yesterday, so i thought to myself maybe thats just from yesterday... but its not! it keeps on changing people who just bought LE. Maybe we might be able to ask one of the people who bought LE on the sign how they got it, be on the look-out for different LE, if there is, there is another secret newsletter.
thats all for now, -quennofbee97

Monday, March 29, 2010

Attention update!

Okay, blogger is for some reason having technical diffictulties with us, with the pictures.
So it will not allow us to put yp our blog heading and the pictures for the new LE that is out.
We will do what we can to get it straightened out :)
Thank you!
3/23/10 1:51 PM

3/23/10 9:34 PM
Yay! It is now working! :)

The new LE is out!

Yayy! The New LE is finally out!
Looks like it's part of the spring collection! :D
Hurry up! These are going suuper fast!
I wonder if we will get a fall collection!
Or even better, a SUMMER collection! :D
We will keep you posted!

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Otto 3

Finally the new Otto store is out and available!
To get these items click here:,24279,24280,24281,24282,24283,24284,24285,24286,24287,24288,24289,24290,24291,24291,24292,24293,24294,24295,24296,24297,24298,24299,24300,24301,24302,24303,24304,24305,24306,24307,24308,24309,24310,24311,24312,24313,24314,24315,24316,24317,24318,24319,24320,24321,24322,24323,24324,24325,24326,24327,24328,24329,24330

And make sure you log in when you get here :)

LE closed for renovation

Finally! They are doing something with LE
We are really exited about this!
Looks like new LE is coming out soon,
We will keep in touch with you and keep posting!!!
Quick update! The news is the new LE is coming out Monday! :D

OMG skyscraper dress for free!?!?!?

Okay, we really don't know HOW this is even possible, but turns out it is! :0
While we were visiting someone's page we saw the sky dress, clicked on it and saw they got it for 0 SD!!!!!
Now, we are not going to say who owns the dress, but we were able to get a interview with the person who has it.
So here is what she has to say...
Click on the image to read it incase it is to small.

And there ya have it! :D
In case you cannot enlarge it here is what she said...

Oh so, heyy =], yes I got the Skyscraper Dress for free and no I didn't technically get it for 0sd...I'm fed up of people asking so here goes. I was buying it off a girl called gowsher and she scammed me, gowsher, remember that name. But luckily I'd print screened everything! I uploaded it onto tinypic and sent Stardoll the tinypic and the details. I was speaking to another girl the other day, forgotten her name, and she's gone through the same but with a different scammer...but these days stardoll are just replying telling us to stick to the guidelines of check out my magazine, and see how not to be scammed...

Thats it!
See you around!
xxx Inside-Outstardoll

Monday, March 22, 2010

Moodi Wear!

A lot of people have been asking how to get the moodi wear shop in stardoll...
Well we got that covered for ya!
To get the moodi wear clothes in your dressing room click this link:,23382,23383,23384,23385,23386,23387,23388,23389,23390,23391,23392,23393,23394,23435,23436

And there you go!
They should be in your dressing room!
Again, make sure you log on...

Littlest Pet Shop!

The new Littlest pet shop toys have arrived!
They cost about 5-6 SD and are available to Non SS :D (YAY)
To get there items clink this link:,24182,24183,24184,24185,24186,24187,24188,24189,24190

Enjoy! :D And of course log in if you have not already...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Callie.Stardoll Photo Winner???

Now is this unfair or what??? Callie.Stardoll edditor of stardoll magazine if the number 4 album winner!!!
Thinks about it, she can eddit stardoll. Do you think she made herself as winner???
We just discovered this today. Log into stardoll and look at the photo winners, she will be there

Earth Hour Free Lamp!

A new campgain has come to stardoll called earth hour
You can get a free lamp by clicking Yes! which we have circled for you.

To get here copy and paste:
To your URL and hit enter. You should then be taken to the page.

New red-eyed tree frog!

A new animal has come to stardoll you can adopt!
It's the Red-eyed tree frog!!!
You can adopt these aninals for totally free, along with the Axolotl Salamander and the Gorilla.

Copy and paste this: into your URL and log in. Then click adopt me and the red-eyed tree frog will be in your suite!

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Store!

There is a new store in the starplaza called Olsenboye.
It just opened out today.
What do you think about the new clothes, some people wern't to crazy about them. But what do you think?
Leave us a comment!

New Ke$ha Doll

Well, we all new it was coming :)
Thats right, the new Ke$ha doll has finally arrived to stardoll.
Ckeck her out in the homepage
The only thing was, when we opened the doll, we wern't able to remove the white T-shirt that is already on her. Let us know if you are able to do this...

New play & earn is finally here!

The new play and earn is finally here!
The picture on the left (nickyhcicky98) has all the clocks filled out, this is what it will look like when you have completed all the things it has given you.
The picture on the right (quennofbee97) is what it will look like before you complete these things.
You will recieve 4 SD click on the clocks in your stardoll page for more details!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Two bracelets???

Looks like stardoll made a mess up!
Thats right as you can see by this picture, the folk stacked shell bracelets are doubled under new items for pages 2 and 3.
Weird huh?
-Nickychicky98 (pictures by us!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

FREE Barbie stuff when you join the Barbie club!

For Dutch members! (The Netherlands)

- A gift in the cinema (if you don’t have it already )

You can use or any other Dutch proxy for it, just go to with the proxy and log in!

- Pillows and Barbie Hair when joining the BarbieNL club!

Club link:

If you find a proxy server that works, let us know xP

Possible manual proxies suggested: with port 80

or with port 80

or with port 80

How to use a manual proxy? Click here!

thanks to strawberry_lera and others…


Hidden dolls

Hidden dolls:

Alice in Wonderland:

Moxie dolls:

Flower Fairy:

Black Star:



FREE whip-it rollerskates!

If you are from the United Kindom Click HERE

If you are not from the United and in the box copy and paste this

Then Click Enter and after you go to Stardoll Log In.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Play and Earn!

Stardoll came out with a new play and earn! This time you can earn up to 70 SD a month! And you don't have the play the games anymore to earn money! :D
Do you think this is a good way to make money? Or were you more happier with the one SD a day?? I know we definatly miss it!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Red Carpet items!

Turns out stardoll came out with two new dresses in the starplaza!
We belive these dresses were worn at the oscars by Milyey Cyrus and Gabourey Sidibe. Hopefully stardoll will come out with some more dresses that were worn at the oscars... what do you think???

Monday, March 8, 2010

New Archive!

Theres a new stardoll archive out! This time they have 3 wigs that you might have seen from before that people usually sold for quite some money now! But heres your time to get them for less!!!

They are in the sparplaza now! As long as the last archive store

New Necelace

Theres a new necelase on stardoll! And it's free!
Go to the starplaza now to get it. It should be under new items

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Checked Leona dress has been in the most popular section of the starplaza ever since we have first started stardoll! It's about time other items come up in the most popular section

Friday, March 5, 2010

New Sandra Bullock Doll!

New Sandra BUllock doll on stardoll!
Turns out this is the 2nd Sandra Bullock.
To be honest I never knew there was a first one ♥

Heidi Klum Jewlry on sale!

Heidi Klum jewlry is now on sale 50% off!
Buy this awsome stuff 50% off now in the starplaza!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

HOW TO EDIT STARDOLL! (new cheat! hope you like,)

Hey everyone!
I found this cheat that allows you to edit! It's really cool but unfortunately it doesn't save.

1) Go to (or any page you would like to edit)
2) Put this into your browser

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

3) Click on text to edit it as much as you would like!

you can pretty much type whatever you want and do whatever you want with the stuff thats on the page you are at but when your done it dosent save.
For ex, if i type inlets say 8,000 sd into my stardollar section it wont safe but the cheat is alot of fun to do when your bored lol


ANOTHER FREE thing!!!!

Free Moodi Chair when you log in with a UK proxy server or manual proxy server such as:

this may not work for everyone though, good luck


FREE, free, free PIANO

There is a free piano for Polish members.

1) Use a polish proxy server or manual proxy (slower but safer!)

Such as:

2) Copy and paste this link into the blank URL box:

(If you are from Poland you can just go to this link)

3) Log into Stardoll

4) Either do the competition (answering random answers) or change the link to

5) You will find the piano in your suite.


Pick a FREE dress!!

here is the link

When u get there, there will be a choice of 4 dresses all u have to do is scroll down and u will see the links, whatever dress u want just click on the link. Then it will take you bk to ur suite and it should be by ur wardrobe!


FREE hotel 4 dogs (pick wisley you only get 1)

Get your Dog (you can only pick one) following these steps:
-Please write your name above so I can know who done this..
1. Go to or
2. On the Proxy URL Bar enter this link:
3. Log into your account.
4. Pick a dog and log out


SIMPLE uk Bathing suit and hat( a little complicated so follow ALL directions)

They’ve given every UK member who is in the Simple club a free bathing suit and hat!

But you can get it too! You don’t even need a proxy I think!

1. Go to ‘My Account’ -> tab ‘Account settings’. There, in the middle, you’ll find you ‘User ID’. Copy that number.

2. Enter this link in your url bar:

and before you press enter, paste your User ID after “u=”.

3. Press enter xP

4. At the bottom of the page you’ll find a sort of ‘form’. Fill this in with FAKE info. Even something like will do. Your name does NOT need to be your stardoll name.

5. Press ‘Submit’.

Et voila!

NOTE: If you already had an account on the Simple website, you will need to make a different one. Just log out of your old account and make a new one with a different email address.

NOTE 2: You do NOT need to be a member of the club to get it! Some are having trouble joining the club, but you don’t need to be a member of it. + If you joined the club you would have to use a proxy every time you wanted to visit it, so there’s no point in joining it really…

NOTE 3: If something still went wrong, look if you filled in the form correctly: scroll back down on the simple page and see if there’s something written in red. This could be ‘email already used or invalid’ or ‘password too short’ or ‘We need your parent’s email address’ etc.


FREE letterman jacket!!

Letterman Jacket (Brightstorm)

Go to:

(if it doesn’t show, try with

Log into Stardoll, enter the code “Brightstar” in the box and press “Go”!


FREE moonacre items!!!!

Moonacre Items:

1. Go to
2. Go to with the proxy server and log in
3. Enter following links in the url bar at the top in the goproxing toolbar.

If you don’t have all the Moonacre items yet…

1. Go to

2. Enter ‘’ next to ‘Website URL’ and press ‘Browes’

3. Log into Stardoll

4. In the address bar on top enter any code you want:

The Book:

The necklace:

The Dog:

The Cake plate:

The Piano:

The Piano Chair:

The Chest:

The crystal Ball:

The painting:

The rabbit:

The seashell bed:

The flowers:

The mirror:

The doll:

The lion:

The unicorn:

5. You’ll be directed to your suite. It’s ok if your suite doesn’t fully load

6. Leave the proxy site and go to again to see the Moonacre bag in your suite!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

exclusive DKNY dress REAL!! plus new DKNY

Hey stardoll lovers you are not going to beileve this!
remember the contest a few months ago when you would win 5 prizes if you spent a certain amount of money in starplaza? also when the contest came around so did te 2009 winter DKNY you might recognize these all and the DKNY top which is calledon stardoll thw hite tank top with the girl? its actually real. Some people got it from the contest too. And remember these are the REAL pictures of the REAL DKNY!!! they are all real!

thats it for now

New Doll

Stardoll just came out with a Janet Jackson doll and what do you know, she has all the clothes we found in the spoilers the other day xD
Those clothes are available in the starplaza under NEW

Free Hannah Montana Items!!

If you are from the UK just simply click HERE ...log in and click where it says "contest and gifts"
but if you are NOT from the UK, go to
Copy and paste this into the blank box: Enter or click "go"
You'll see the picture above....Click where it says "Contest and Gifts"
Close the window and go to stardoll as usual...they will be in your suite

warning: please do not trust proxys DO NOT click any such like ads that are flashy and say you have just won 1 million dollars, you have just won a free laptop,etc... were just warning you =)


contact us!

hey again Stardoll lovers!
now.. you can contact us through e-mail! that makes 3 ways to contact us: comments, questions etc.. in the comments section
2.our very own club directly on stardoll!! (Inside-outSD)
3. E-mail
Our e-mail is:
Thanks guys! also Follow, Follow, Follow!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Club Glitch?

Many people have been wondering when they join a club and they go to their suite and scroll down to their clubs, it only says the one you just joined. Many people think it's just a stardoll glitch. But, don't worry all your clubs did NOT get erased. If you log off and on again you will have all your clubs back =) ♥

New Contest!

Theres a new contest on stardoll! WHat you have to do it make yourself look like one of the stars on stardoll and click join. The prize if you join is the statue you see we circled. =)

But then it askes you to vote for what you think is the best matched. Maybe there will be one big winner to this contest =) Let us know if you find out anything! ♥♥♥

Stardoll Archive!

There have been spoilers about these items coming out in stardoll archive and here they are! Buy these items fast before they dissapear!