About us

Hey Stardoll Lovers! Me (quennofbee97) and my friend nicole (nickychicky98) have been on stardoll for only a few moths.
But, we have learned so much about stardoll and how theres scammers, rare things, etc.. and we also made alot of friends in the process! We have decided to create a blog to tell you some of the important things you SHOULD know about stardoll feel free to ask questions, we are available and we are on everyday since we hae just made our new exiting blog.
We will be making a club on stardoll "inside-outStardoll" so you can even contact us there. But were also making another way for you to contact us. We are making an e-mail for you to also contact us.
Feel free to write us any questions, comments, or thoughts about the blog that you think we can improve
thats all for now =)
(Please follow us we need more fans)
have a nive StArDoLl Day ♥♥