Thursday, March 4, 2010

FREE moonacre items!!!!

Moonacre Items:

1. Go to
2. Go to with the proxy server and log in
3. Enter following links in the url bar at the top in the goproxing toolbar.

If you don’t have all the Moonacre items yet…

1. Go to

2. Enter ‘’ next to ‘Website URL’ and press ‘Browes’

3. Log into Stardoll

4. In the address bar on top enter any code you want:

The Book:

The necklace:

The Dog:

The Cake plate:

The Piano:

The Piano Chair:

The Chest:

The crystal Ball:

The painting:

The rabbit:

The seashell bed:

The flowers:

The mirror:

The doll:

The lion:

The unicorn:

5. You’ll be directed to your suite. It’s ok if your suite doesn’t fully load

6. Leave the proxy site and go to again to see the Moonacre bag in your suite!