Friday, March 26, 2010

OMG skyscraper dress for free!?!?!?

Okay, we really don't know HOW this is even possible, but turns out it is! :0
While we were visiting someone's page we saw the sky dress, clicked on it and saw they got it for 0 SD!!!!!
Now, we are not going to say who owns the dress, but we were able to get a interview with the person who has it.
So here is what she has to say...
Click on the image to read it incase it is to small.

And there ya have it! :D
In case you cannot enlarge it here is what she said...

Oh so, heyy =], yes I got the Skyscraper Dress for free and no I didn't technically get it for 0sd...I'm fed up of people asking so here goes. I was buying it off a girl called gowsher and she scammed me, gowsher, remember that name. But luckily I'd print screened everything! I uploaded it onto tinypic and sent Stardoll the tinypic and the details. I was speaking to another girl the other day, forgotten her name, and she's gone through the same but with a different scammer...but these days stardoll are just replying telling us to stick to the guidelines of check out my magazine, and see how not to be scammed...

Thats it!
See you around!
xxx Inside-Outstardoll